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  Activity 2

Hey folks! If you're a tactile learner, we recommend you print this activity and complete by hand. Get creative. Write outside the lines. Then be sure to keep it somewhere safe, whether you completed on the computer or by hand. You'll return to this in Week 6!

WEEK 1_Activity 2.pdf
Rob Bosch
[quote]You don’t need to share this activity with anyone, but save it for later reflection. You can
now move ahead to the next lecture[/quote]
Is it possible to share an activity within this course system?
David MacDonald
Hey Rob,
if you feel like sending me your work I would be glad to have a look at it and give you some feedback, i'll try not to give too many spoiler from futur material. That being said :
Carrie Jones
You can download it and save your work on your computer. :)
Carrie Jones
Ah, yes, I understand. That's a platform feature that the Teachable team is working on actually, but it hasn't been released yet. :-/ If you'd like feedback, your course advisor (David) will be happy to discuss with you. For this particular activity, I recommend that you actually just complete it without seeking feedback, as you will come back to it in Week 6 to compare your progress. This is just about setting a benchmark and knowing where you're starting from. It doesn't have any "right" answers.
Rob Bosch
Hi Carry, thnx for the asnwer, but that was not what I meant. I'd like to be able to upload any work so it can be discussed with other students doing the course. It would be nice if such a feature was possible.
sophia Primus
I have a question about activity 4; since it is for submission. I cannot write in the Pdf. document , how will i be able to submit this assignment; i thank you
Carrie Jones
Hey Sophia, you can download any of the activities and complete them offline and share them with your team. You don't need to turn anything in.
Rob Bosch
Is this the MIT paper you are talkin about in lecture 2?
Maybe, if you refer to a paper, can you add the link to the paper or at least the name and author of the paper?
Carrie Jones
This is the study, Rob: I'll let David know the citation should be more robust.